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    The software comes with a built-in sitemap that your customers can view to easily find products or pages on your site without navigating through categories or menus. Customers reach this page at http://www.yoursite.com/sitemap.aspx  NOTE: see notes below for submitting a sitemap to search engines.

    Sitemap Contents

    There are 2 ways to control which parts of the site show up on the sitemap: 


    The following Settings will disable entire sections of the sitemap:
    • SiteMap.ShowCategories 
    • SiteMap.ShowCustomerService 
    • SiteMap.ShowDocuments 
    • SiteMap.ShowLibraries 
    • SiteMap.ShowManufacturers 
    • SiteMap.ShowProducts 
    • SiteMap.ShowSections 
    • SiteMap.ShowTopics


    You can also prevent individual topicsfrom appearing on the sitemap page, by unchecking the box next to Publish in Site Map.


    Submitting a Sitemap to Search Engines

    Search engines like Google will have some specific guidelines and best practices to follow for setting up a site map. ASPDotNetStorerfront does this for you and uses the XML option for formatting the sitemap. When submitting your site map to Google, or any search engine that required XML for indexing, use htttp://yourdomain.com/sitemapfeed


    Submit your sitemap to Google

    There are two different ways to make your sitemap available to Google:

    • Submit it to Google using the Search Console Sitemaps tool:
      ADD/TEST SITEMAP: http://example.com/sitemapfeed
    • Insert the following line anywhere in your robots.txt file, specifying the path to your sitemap:
      Sitemap: http://example.com/sitemapfeed
    Build and submit a sitemap - Search Console Help - Google Support


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