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    Signifyd Fraud Protection Service

    AspDotNetStorefront can now integrate with Signifyd, a fraud protection service, in version 10.0.8+

    NOTE: This integration has been removed for versions 10.0.21+. Please consider using MaxMind instead.

    When an order is placed, the order state will go into an authorized transaction state and create a case on Signfyd. If the response from Signifyd (what they call a "Guarantee") is an approval, AspDotNetStorefront either leaves the transaction in the authorized state for you to capture in admin or captures the order automatically, depending on your store setting of TransactionMode in Settings.  If the guarantee is not approved, depending on the Signifyd.DeclineAction.Void Setting, AspDotNetStorefront will either void the order or do nothing and wait for the merchant to deal with it manually. Email notifications of declined transactions are supported as well as any problems during the capture, since it happens behind the scenes.


    The Signifyd guarantee response happens within a second of the initial call 99.5% of the time. The other .5% of the time, it can take anywhere from a few hours to (up to) 24 hours for a response.

    This feature makes the assumption that you will use their Complete Assurance program. See https://www.signifyd.com/pricing/ for pricing details.

    Supported Gateways

    Only gateways that have "on-site" credit-card processing (where the customer isn't taken to another site or iFrame to enter credit card info) and that support the delayed capture of funds support the Signifyd service. Currently, those are:

    • AuthorizeNet
    • CyberSource
    • eProcessingNetwork
    • Moneris
    • SagePayments
    • USAePay
    • SkipJack
    • PayPal Payments Pro
    • PayPal Payflow Pro
    • eWAY (in version 10.0.11+)

    Then, when the guarantee comes back from Signifyd:

    • If approved:

      • AUTH CAPTURE mode: we will then capture the card and change the state to captured (if the order is in pending state, then we will both authorize and capture the card at this time)
      • AUTH mode: we will update the state to authorized. The merchant will need to manually capture the funds as usual.
    • If declined:

      • If Signifyd.DeclineAction.Void is true, then the store will put the order in a void status. If it's false, the store will do nothing and let the merchant do whatever they wish with the order. In either case, it will send an admin email describing what happened.

    App Config Settings

    • Signifyd.Enabled - enables/disabled the Signifyd integration
    • Signifyd.API.Url - the URL for the Signifyd API, which is currently: https://api.signifyd.com/v2
    • Signifyd.Team.Key - the key associated with your Team in Signifyd. This serves as the encryption and authentication token for the API, so keep this in a safe place and don't share it with others.
    • Signifyd.DeclineAction.Void - specifies whether or not a declined response from Signifyd will automatically void the order.
    • Signifyd.Console.Url - the URL to the Signifyd console, where you can manage individual cases and other settings. This is currently: https://app.signifyd.com


    When you edit an order in Admin, and if Signifyd is enabled, you can see the Signfyd Guarantee disposition for that order there. The four dispositions are:

    • N/A - this order was never submitted to Signifyd for processing (was the order created before Signifyd integration was turned on?)
    • PENDING - we are waiting for a response from Signifyd
    • APPROVED - Guaranteed approval for this order
    • DECLINED - Guaranteed declined for this order - it should be reviewed for fraudulent activity.

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