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    Showcasing Security

    In an important blog posting here, Google announced that security is, for them, a top priority and that they now give a 'slight ranking boost' to HTTPS URLs.


    Traditionally, AspDotNetStorefront has protected shopping pages with HTTPS, and has only enforced strong protocols on the checkout pages where security is critical.


    With AspDotNetStorefront v10, you will find a setting 'AlwaysUseHTTPS' which means that from the moment of arrival, your shoppers are protected AND Google Bots will reward you for it.


    To turn on 'AlwaysUseHTTPS', navigate to Configuration>Settings and search for the setting. Change the value to TRUE.




    Always make sure that you have a valid SSL certificate in place for your store. If you host with AspDotNetStorefront, then we can take care of that for you, too.




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