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    AspDotNetStorefront supports ResellerRatings. ResellerRatings helps you improve your website's customer experience by collecting and analyzing customer product reviews.



    First you will need to create a ResellerRatings account. The ResellerRatings official site is here.

    Please contact ResellerRatings support in order to find out your Seller ID, which is required to enable ResellerRatings support in your storefront.
    Once you've got your Seller ID, navigate to your admin console and add the account number to the SettingResellerRatings.SellerId.

    The Settings needed for ResellerRatings are:

    • ResellerRatings.Enabled - When set to yes, this enables ResellerRatings support in your storefront.
    • ResellerRatings.SellerId - The Seller ID is required for storefront support and must be requested from ResellerRatings. Please request the Seller ID from their support after creating an account.
    • ResellerRatings.ProductReviewsScriptName - This must match your SEO name as configured in ResellerRatings. For example, a store name of "Easy Eggbaskets" might have an SEO name of "easy_eggbaskets".
    • ResellerRatings.AutoEnrollment.Enabled - When set to yes, this setting requests a store survey email from ResellerRatings. The survey email will be automatically sent a few days after a shopper has made a purchase by ResellerRatings. Please request more information from ResellerRatings support if needed.

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