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    Release Notes - 10.0.25

    AspDotNetStorefront 10.0.25 Release Notes


    • Improved ADA compliance.


    • The password reset system has been overhauled for simplicity and security.
      • A new Configuration - Settings: JwtKey is used to generate secure tokens for this process.
      • Details are available HERE
    • Resolved an issue where newly created customers were defaulting to English-United States locale instead of using the configured store locale.
    • A new Configuration - Settings: RequireSignInBeforeViewingStore will prevent an anonymous shopper (a shopper who isn't signed in) from viewing the store until they create an account or log in.
      • This new Setting is disabled by default (anonymous shoppers can browse the store as normal).


    • Resolved issues and increased performance of the Product Group page in Admin console. (Admin - Products - Product Groups)
      • Resolved an issue where searching by Name on the Product Groups page in Admin could fail to return sub-entities.
      • Resolved an issue where it was not possible to sort the listing by ID.
      • Improved search performance.
    • Manage Redirects is now available in the Admin console, under Configuration - Manage Redirects.
      • This feature allows you to manage and create page redirects on your site.
      • It can be configured per-MoreStore and requires that you provide a Source and Target.
        • Example Source: /account
        • Example Target: /topic/aboutaccounts
      • There is an option to make the redirect permanent, which indicates a 301 HTTP response for SEO purposes.
    • Usability improvements have been made to the Topic Version Scheduler.
      • A confirmation prompt now appears when deleting a Topic Version.
      • SaveClose, and Delete buttons now work more intuitively and have been made more consistent with the regular Topic editor.
    • An additional warning displays on the Admin dashboard notices area if Configuration - Setup E-Mail is misconfigured.
      • Please see the manual page here for details on configuring emails for your site.
    • A new button which directs to the Admin console will now show on the rest of the site if logged in as an admin account.
      • This button shows up beneath the Inline Editor button.
      • Configuration - Settings - InlineEditing.Enabled must be enabled and your site URLs must be correct in Configuration - Manage Stores.
    • The Refresh Store button now clears the image name cache as part of its cache-clearing processes.
    • Resolved an issue where account impersonation could fail.


    • Resolved display style for the Paying With payment buttons in Checkout.
      • Prior to this change, longer-than-average text could cause unusual button display issues.
    • Resolved an issue where disabling the Configuration - Settings - SkipPaymentEntryOnZeroDollarCheckout and attempting to pay with a gift card prevented checkout from being completed.
    • Resolved an issue where trailing or leading spaces on product SKU values could interfere with Avalara tax adjustments during checkout.
    • A new Configuration - Settings - Checkout.HideSelectionsUntilLogin will hide information in checkout if the shopper is not yet logged in (if they are an anonymous shopper).
      • This defaults to disabled, which means that all normal checkout information will be shown to an anonymous shopper unless this setting is enabled.


    • The variant selection dropdown will now no longer display a blank box if there is only one variant in "Variants In DropDown With Tabbed Layout" display mode.
      • NOTE: This display mode is provided with XMLPackage product.TabbedUI.xml.config in the wwwroot/xmlpackages directory. If your skin xmlpackages folder contains this xml package, you will need to merge the files to retain any customizations you may have in your skin file.

    Marketing & Social Features


    • SagePayPI now supports postal codes (Eircodes) for the Republic of Ireland.
    • Resolved an issue where some saved credit cards could not be charged due to incorrectly flagging their expiration date as already-expired.
    • Keyfile (p12) support has been added back to Cybersource HOSTED (for legacy accounts only).
      • The keyfile can be used to allow managing orders for Cybersource HOSTED through admin for Refunds.
      • Settings for this are CyberSourceHosted.KeysDirectory and CyberSourceHosted.KeyFilename.
    • Resolved an issue where the last four digits of the shopper's credit card number was not stored in Order history.
      • In some circumstances this was preventing order refunds using admin order management.


    • PayPal Commerce
      • The latest payment integration from PayPal as an all-in-one solution with payment gateway and processor, and more payment options.
      • We will continue to support legacy solutions (PayPal Payments Pro, Payflow Pro, Payments Advanced, Express Checkout) for existing clients, but our intent is that new clients will onboard with PayPal Commerce.


    • Resolved an issue where the Gift With Purchase promotion could add invalid additional quantities to the shopper's cart.


    • HTTPS settings have been consolidated to a single Configuration - Settings - HTTPSEnabled .
      • Configuration - Settings - UseSSLAlwaysUseHTTPS, and GoNonSecureAgain are deprecated.
      • NOTE that HTTPSEnabled should only be set to Yes after installing an SSL certificate and entering a valid URL (the current secured URL) in the LiveServer setting for your site.
    • Internet Explorer is no longer officially supported by Microsoft and contains security vulnerabilities.
      • There is now an Internet Explorer deprecation warning which reminds shoppers to change their browser.
      • The message shown is controlled by the Prompt (String Resource) browser.deprecated and states "It appears that your web browser is a bit old. For a more safe and modern experience, please change or upgrade your web browser." by default.
    • (WSI) Get - The Dump Customer XML package (DumpCustomer.xml.config) no longer returns the customer's password.
    • Resolved an issue where some site cookies did not fully support SameSite cookie changes implemented in February 2020 for Chromium web browsers.
      • Please see here for more information on SameSite cookie changes in Chrome.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    • Resolved an issue where generated SE names for Products could fail if the Product in question had a name larger than 150 characters.
      • Generated SE names can now be up to 400 characters in length across the board for Products, Variants, Customer Levels, and Product Groups (Entities).


    • Resolved an issue where per-store shipping settings were sometimes not honored for MoreStores.
    • Resolved an issue where state address information was sometimes pulled for the wrong country when calculating shipping.
      • An example of this was mixing state MB (Manitoba, Canada) with MB (Mumbai, India).
      • The cart does allow duplicate State/Province abbreviations, so long as they are assigned to different countries.
    • USPS Server Configuration have been updated to use https instead of http (HTTP support was dropped by USPS in June 2021)
      • Affected Configuration - Settings:
        • Address.PostalCodeLookupService.UspsServiceUrl
        • RTShipping.USPS.Server
        • VerifyAddressesProvider.USPS.Server
    • Resolved an issue where the Promotion Usage table in Order History could display incorrect information about shipping promotions for orders.
      • The amount actually charged for shipping was correct, but would appear incorrectly in order history.

    Site Performance

    • reCAPTCHA is no longer loaded for your site if Configuration reCAPTCHA.SiteKey is blank.
    • Improved shopping cart subtotal calculation for site efficiency.
    • Configuration - Settings - System.MaxLogEntries now defaults to 10000 entries.
      • This setting can cause site performance issues if it is set too high.
    • Configuration - Settings - OutputCaching.Enabled now defaults to true.
      • Enabling this feature improves site performance and it is recommended for most sites.
    • Reduced redundant XML-processing exception logging.
    • System logging is now more efficient when entries have hit the maximum setting.
      • The maximum number of logs is controlled by Configuration - Settings - System.MaxLogEntries.

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