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    Release Notes - 10.0.2

    • Version 10.0.2 requires Visual Studio 2015 to compile source code. Customers who do not have source code do not need Visual Studio at all. 
    • Related products can be imported and will work on updates and inserts
    • Render-blocking JavaScript can now be rendered at the bottom of the tag when the ClientResources.Script.DeferredRenderingEnabled AppConfig is set to "true". This will improve page load times. Note that you must ensure any JavaScript in your topics, descriptions, XmlPackages and customizations has been updated to use the feature
    • New range of Mastercard Bin numbers supported
    • Performance improvement when rendering Schema.org tags
    • Third-party payment provider address handling improved
    • Amazon addresses now include more details (including full name) on shipping address
    • Captcha code issue resolved for unlicensed sites
    • PayPal Funding Failure recovery feature now includes new error codes
    • WSI now works over https
    • Discount rounding errors resolved with line item discounts
    • Non-US states are now included in shipping filter
    • When using AUTH CC processing and Braintree, the card will be authorized for an adjusted amount where appropriate
    • Fedex Ship Manager button now available on initial contact
    • On checkout, the Shipping Method selection displays when AllowShipToDifferentThanBillTo is set to false - and SkipShippingOnCheckout, if true, disables both Shipping Method and Shipping Address selections
    • When the web.config redirect rule "Ensure www subdomain" is enabled, it no longer prepends www. to IPv4 addresses
    • New filtering on the pricing import
    • Fixed issue with off-site processors adding multiple shipping addresses for an order
    • Users can't create an account during checkout if SecurityCodeRequiredOnCreateAccount = true AND SecurityCodeRequiredOnCheckout = false
    • Shipping tracking import on bulkshipping.aspx broken
    • The "VAT Exclusive" string resource will now display when VAT is enabled and configured to display exclusive prices
    • Added the ability to filter by customer store on the admin customer impersonation page.
    • New detail on receipt for original multi-ship orders that have items with no shipping details.
    • Modified our inclusive VAT tax label.
    • Improved address detail in Authorize.net recurring billing.
    • Kit image uploads display in the shopping cart.
    • Required kit groups - improved handling.
    • Improved messaging for ajax 'add to cart' issues in windows phone IE11.
    • Improved product and entity links on the 404 suggestions page.
    • Improved HTML product descriptions on the 404 suggestions page.
    • Google XML sitemaps will now build when running in a virtual directory.
    • Removed unused eWorld.UI.dll.
    • Consolidating cart line items after a user logs in.
    • 404 page operation on the extension-less URLs feature.
    • Added additional support for better browser caching of resources.
    • Adding additional fields to the address display on checkout.
    • Added support for inlining CSS.
    • Fixed a failure to minify the default skin CSS because .Net minification fails on @import.
    • PayPal account info honors the AspDotNetStorefront customer account info.
    • Hiding billing address for PayPal and Amazon checkouts.
    • Removing the currency symbol from the rich snippets markup that could cause parser errors.
    • Adding a header to the order confirmation page specific to Amazon Orders.
    • Lowercasing links to resources throughout the application for consistency.
    • Large address fields coming back from 3rd party checkout sources can now be handled elegantly.
    • Moved the Profile table cleanup code to the monthly maintenance stored procedure so it can be easily automated.
    • Real time shipping store abbreviated state identity to the 'RTShipping.LocalpickupRestrictionStates' appconfig.
    • AppLogic.StoreID() method - correct store ID is being returned.
    • New work on the page.bestsellers.xml.config xmlpackage relating to referencing columns in the stored procedures.
    • Added a Solution ID for AspDotNetStorefront to calls to Authorize.Net.
    • Fixed an issue that would not allow t-contact.aspx to resolve to the ContactUs controller on legacy URL sites.

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