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    Release Notes - 10.0.1

    AspDotNetStorefront version 10.0.1, released to general availability on June 1, 2016 includes the following updates: 



    • Fixed an issue affecting decimal values in Settings.
    • Fixed an issue where some Settings in multi-store sites were not honored as intended.
    • Added the missing 'RelatedProducts.NumberDisplayed' Setting to the create and upgraded database scripts.
    • Setting the MinSearchStringLength Setting now allows the search page to list all published products. 

    Realtime Shipping:

    • Fixed an issue in shipping caching mechanism that would prevent display of estimated rates. 
    • Fixed an issue in Settings which prevented proper reading of store-specific values. 


    • Added the maintenance topic to the maintenance page.
    • Improvements to topic filtering for multistore environments.
    • Fixed an issue with topic URLs that would occur when topic names include 't-'
    • Fixed and issue with topic URLs that would occur when topic names start with a number and a dash, e.g. '1-name'.


    • Added token parsing to news articles.
    • Resolved skin-path tokenization issue affecting multi-digit skin IDs.  
      Added a new token for child actions so that topics and descriptions can call MVC child actions.


    • Added a delivery type (residence or commercial) dropdown to the Amazon checkout page.
    • Fixed a bug in the enable/disable button code on the amazon checkout page.
    • Cleaned up partial Amazon addresses seen during upgrade process.
    • Updated the Amazon button URL.


    • Improved PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) when Modern URL feature is used.  
    • Improved PayPal Express user experience such that the modern and mobile-friendly In-Context checkout process is always enabled. 

    Project Cleanup:

    • Replaced legacy style URLs with new MVC style URLs.
    • Various project and solution clean-up and improvements for developers.
    • Set the property of the _ViewStart.cshtml file to content so that it gets deployed with a Visual Studio publish.
    • Cleaned up legacy file references in the solution which prevented publish from working properly.
    • Removed legacy 'mobile only' XML info from the skin info file.
    • Updated the action names to be read-only strings instead of constants so that they can be changed without recompiling other projects.
    • Various database script improvements.


    • Replaced the mystore.com example text with samplesitename.com
    • Fixed an issue where a blank value in a comma delimited list of sku modifiers could cause errors when adding to the cart.
    • Fixed a Safari issue that could throw a server error when storefrom notices were displayed.
    • Added a button in the Admin Console to set the IsNew flag on the order listing and order admin console pages.
    • Fixed a bug in the product controller that would incorrectly log an error when any product page loads.
    • Removed unused SecureNet v4 Gateway support.
    • Improved handling of non-printing characters within product descriptions. 
    • Fixed an issue with the header checkout link that would leave the link disabled after the first item is added to the cart.
    • Improved logic for the checkout link which appears in the store's header.
    • Removed support for legacy Bongo service.


      Certified PCI and PADSS Compliant   --


     ... and hosting - 2012R2 / SQL 2014


     Change admin password

    - it is a PCI requirement that the 'out-of-box' admin password is changed. We enforce that for you.



    - Security logging has been dramatically extended so that all security-related actions leave a footprint.


     Encrypt key

    - Dual controls have been implemented


     Monthly maintenance

    - With all the effort to secure your store for your shoppers, there is new focus on maintenance processes.



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