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    From the Content Menu, click Manage News.

    News articles allow you to inform customers of special events, changes, promotions, new products, or anything else you wish to communicate to your customers.


    You can link to or access the News page on your site using the URL: www.yourdomain.com/news/

    Creating News Articles

    1. Click the Create News button to create a new article. 

    2. Enter the News article information in the form fields provided. Each field is described below.
      Field Name Description
      Headline This is the title of your news article. It will be shown in the 'Store News' section on your home page (see below) and on the main news page.
      News Copy This is the main text of the news article. The content is entered through the Telerik RAD editor, and can accept HTML. This will only be displayed on the main news page.
      Expiration Date Enter the date you wish the article to stop displaying on your site (defaults to one month from creation). If the article should always display, set this date far in the future.
      Published Determines whether or not this article will appear on the front end.
      Map to Store If multiple stores are configured, you can check the boxes next to each store this news article should be applied to.


    Displaying News Articles

    If news articles exist, and are not unpublished or expired, a News section will display on the store's home page, with the dates and headlines of current news articles.

    Shoppers can click on a headline to be taken to the main news page, where the full text of the articles are visible.



    These Settings allow store administrators to change the functionality of the news feature.

    Setting Name Description
    ShowNewsOnHomePage If this is set to No, the 'Store News' section will not display on the store home page, even if news article exist.
    NewsTeaser Text entered in this Setting will show at the top if the list of full news articles (see 'full news articles' image above)
    ShowFullNewsArticle If this is set to Yes, the full text of all news articles will be displayed on the news.aspx page. If it's false, only the selected article's text will be shown (as in the 'full news articles' image above)

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