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    Extended Prices

    Some sites need to vary prices by customer level in a more complex way than just a flat percentage or dollar amount off of the base price. Extended Prices allow store admins to set special prices for each product that can vary for each customer level. 

    To set up extended prices on a product:
    1. Create your product, and any necessary variants.

    2. Create customer levels.

    3. Map your product to whichever customer levels you need, on the Mappings tab in the admin console under Products > Manage Products. Click Save to save the Mappings.

    4. Click Manage Variants, and click a variant Name to edit pricing. Click Define Extended Prices by Customer Level.

    5. For each customer level, enter a customer level specific price in the Extended Price column, then click Save to apply the price changes.

    6. Click the Refresh Store button in the top right of the admin console.

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