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    Content Backups

    Starting with AspDotNetStorefront version 10.0.16, changes made to Topic descriptions will be saved, so you can restore previous versions if necessary.

    When editing a Topic in the Admin console, the editor tool will have a new menu option to “Restore from Backup”:

    Clicking this button will bring up a dialog with a list of past edits made to this Topic:

    Clicking on one of the rows here will insert the HTML from the selected version of the Topic into the editor tool.  You can then make further change to the Topic, and you will need to “Save” the Topic just like any other edit in order to apply the content to your website. You can abandon the restoration by Closing or exiting the topic edit session without Saving.

    NOTE: At this time, only Topics are backed up.  We may update this in a future release to save past versions of other content, such as Product and Product Group Descriptions ans Summaries.

    NOTE: Topic changes made prior to updating to version 10.0.16 will not be saved.

    NOTE: There is no limitation to the number of backups at this time.

    Developer Information

    Only changes made to Topics in the Admin console are backed up.

    If you use a different method for modifying Topics, such as a WSI integration, or direct database access, you will need to manually save backups of content if you want those operations to use this new Content Backup functionality.

    Backups of content are now saved to a new ‘ContentVersion’ database table.

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