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In order to connect the Vortx Onboard program to your storefront to begin work, we need access. Specifically, we need:

  • Your store's primary domain name
  • If your store is 'MultiStore' [Note 1] and powers several domain names, then just choose one. Be careful to exactly match a licensed domain name for your storefront.

  • FTP Host
  • Your hosting provider will be able to provide this for you. Very often it is ... but please don't guess or your upgrade will flounder before you're even started. This upgrade is not 'manned' - it is designed for you to carry out all by yourself, so you'll need to get this item right! (We don't mean to scare you - you will, of course, get error messages, and another try if you make a mistake!)

    • If your FTP Host includes a port number, enter this in the FTP Host field, where '1234' is the port specified by your hosting provider:
    • If your FTP Host does SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol), then simply specify sftp:// instead of ftp:// (if they didn't specify it this way to begin with)
    • If your FTP Host does FTPS - (a.k.a. FTP Secure, Transport Layer Security [TLS], or SSL over FTP) in Implicit mode then specify ftps:// instead of ftp://. Alternatively, you can specify a port of :990 which will also indicate TLS with Implicit mode encryption.


  • FTP Username
  • Your hosting provider will be able to provide this for you. 

  • FTP Password
  • Your hosting provider will be able to provide this for you. 

    Note 1: If you are upgrading a store which powers multiple domains, then you can rest assured that all your store mappings will remain intact. Each upgrade, however, only creates one mobile-friendly template (complete with the design settings you tell us about) and ALL of your storefronts will carry the same skin, right down to the same logo. Naturally, you'll be free to change the secondary skins once you have finished the upgrade.