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    Mini Cart

    AspDotNetStorefront Mini-Cart

    The mini cart enables shoppers see as each product is added to the cart, without taking them out of the shopping process. Shoppers can continue on seamlessly on your site, going to the checkout page only when they are ready to proceed, which ultimately enhances their shopping experience.


    The mini cart displays as a small window, is fully responsive and will be perfectly sized for all devices.

     You can use Configuration>Settings to enable or disable it, and to manage the display (see below). 



    MiniCart.Enabled  Use this setting to turn the mini cart on or off. If you disable it, then when your shoppers use the 'buy' button, they will be taken straight to the checkout.
    MiniCart.QuantityUpdate.Enabled  Use this setting to allow your shoppers to see items in their mini cart AND be able to modify the quantity ordered before heading into the checkout. Enabling this features makes the mini cart a little "busier", which is why we make it a configurable item. Shoppers will still be able to modify the quantity ordered when they move to the checkout.
    MiniCart.ShowImages  Use this setting to hide/display micro images in the mini cart. A visual reminder of the items in the cart is generally reassuring for shoppers.
    MiniCart.ShowSku Use this setting to hide/display the SKU of the item being purchased. This will show the complete SKU (productSKU+variant.SKU.suffix+attribute.SKU.modifier

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