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    Release Notes - 10.0.7

    Feature Updates

    • Fixed an issue with low stock warning emails not always sending
    • Removed some unused images from the package
    • Fixed a rare issue with shipping methods filtered by store conflicting with zone restrictions
    • Download product emails will now automatically send when the store is configured to do so
    • Properly encode special characters in Size/Color dropdowns on product pages
    • Fixed some default currency configuration for new installs
    • Distributor emails will now send when orders are manually captured in the admin console
    • Fixed a rare recurring order issue where admin information was used instead of the original customer's
    • The Google sitemap will now generate https URLs if the site is configured to use SSL
    • Support for the deprecated SagePayUK simulator has been removed, and the protocol version used for that integration has been bumped to 3
    • Fixed an issue with missing DLLs when rebuilding the website in the non-source package
    • Fixed the text that displays on the checkout page when saving order notes
    • Updated the version of the Telerik controls that ships with the build, to address a security concern patched by that company
    • Fixed an issue with ad-hoc transactions when using a PayPal gateway

    UI Improvements

    • Added support for newer Discover card number ranges in the credit card formatter and validators
    • The address editor has been slimmed down and made easier for the majority of people to quickly fill out
    • The Place Order button is now at both the top and the bottom of the checkout page
    • Added configurable security seals, header labels, and icons to increase the "feel" of security during checkout
    • Additional information and a button to print the receipt have been added to the order confirmation page

    New Features

    • The new SagePay PI payment gateway integration now supports delayed capture orders
    • Contact form emails can now be configured to go to a different address than new order notifications do


    NOTE: For version 10.0.7 PACK it is necessary to copy the ​\AssemblyReferences\Telerik.Web.UI.dll file to the site (web) \bin folder if not compiling source in Visual Studio.

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