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    Release Notes - 10.0.6

    Feature Updates

    • Fixed an issue with licensing not working properly if user permissions weren't right on the /images folder
    • Moved the JS for Google Analytics to the head section to meet with their newer preferences
    • Fixed an SEName issue that could cause infinite redirect loops on product pages
    • Fixed an issue with cart contents being cleared when signing in during Amazon checkout
    • Resolved a problem with session data for the minicart when using the browser back button
    • Google Analytics now uses Unit Price / Quantity for line item prices
    • Expanded the cleanup options available in Monthly Maintenance
    • Fixed an issue that could cause customer impersonation to fail sporadically
    • Increased the default allowed upload size in the admin WYSIWYG editors and through WSI

    UI Improvements

    • Added a default option to the State dropdown on address editors, so that users are forced to make a valid selection
    • Improved the display of the address area of checkout when only one address is needed
    • Fixed an issue where shipping method icons could not be removed from shipping methods on the checkout page

    New Features

    • Added support for the SagePay PI payment gateway, with support for 3D Secure. See here for more information

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