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    Release Notes - 10.0.24

    Admin Updates

    • Improved filtering by Name on the Manage ContactsData Retention, and Create New Order pages. It is now possible to filter by name based on the customer's first name, last name, or full name.

    Checkout Updates

    • Notifications from the USPS Address Verification service to the customer during checkout have been improved for clarity. This makes it easier for the customer to correct their address if necessary.
    • Selectable shipping methods during checkout now have a more consistent order in which they are displayed. Display Order has been added to fixed shipping methods (non-Real Time Shipping methods only).

    Site Content Updates

    • New in version 10.0.24+ is a Topic Version Scheduler which allows you to create and schedule different versions of your existing Topics. This can be done in the admin console or the Inline Editor.
    • Corrected an issue where background metadata associated with a Topic (title) could be blank.
    • The Product Display XML Package: "Variants In List" ( product.VariantsInList.xml.config ) has a new Configuration - Settings - Show.Variant.Image. This setting is enabled by default which allows the display of variant images on product pages using the "Variants In List" layout.
    • Basic Search / Advanced Search and Full-Text Searching for product SKUs within the site search bar has been improved. Previously on the default variant SKU would be searched. Now all variant SKUs are searchable.

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