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    Release Notes - 10.0.15

    New Features and Major Changes

    Data Retention

    To aid in complying with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) AspDotNetStorefront now offers a data retention feature.

    • User-Initiated Anonymization - When Data Retention is enabled on a customer's storefront account page it will include a Remove Account button.
    • Automatic Purging of Aged User Data - The admin Database Maintenance page includes a checkbox "Purge aged user data".  When checked and maintenance is run aged user data is purged (anonymized).
    • Data Rentention Privacy Policy Topic - Topic: dataretentionpolicy contains default verbiage pertaining to GDPR and data retention.

    Sitemap Performance Improvements

    We've made substantial performance improvements to the Sitemap. As a result of this change, the page.sitemap.xml.config Xml Package has been removed. Any customizations will need to be transferred to the new Razor view at Views\SiteMap\SiteMap.cshtml

    Addon API

    We've added the very first release of a new Addon API (developer-only feature)


    Resolved Security Issues

    • Signifyd now sends only the 6-digit BIN portion of a credit card number instead of the full credit card number
    • XSS vulnerability on Checkout page has been fixed
    • Open redirect on Site Disclaimer page has been fixed

    Resolved Code Issues

    • Receipt now has Customer information even when no shippable products are purchased and PayPal Express is used
    • Obsolete ShoppingCart methods attributes say to use CartItemManagementProvider instead of CartActionProvider (developer note)
    • A Billing address is no longer required when it shouldn't be
    • Admin 'Re-release download' button is now always available on orders
    • Editing a recurring variant in the admin will no longer have an enabled Delete button
    • Long product names will no longer fail the checkbox selection when adding a Product Requirement on a Promotion
    • The sitemap header tags have been corrected (now use h2 tags)
    • Large popup images now load if the product name contains special characters
    • Adding to cart now works for multi-variant products on multi-variant xml packages when a variant has size/color attributes

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