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    Google Customer Reviews

    Google Customer Reviews

    Google Customer Reviews is a free program that lets you collect feedback from users who've made a purchase on your site. Ratings from Google Customer Reviews apply to your seller ratings eligibility. Seller ratings appear on Search Ads, in Google Shopping, and on a badge that is displayed on your site. This will also present the customer with an opt-in survey on order confirmation. When the customer enters their email address into the survey, they will be provided with the means to complete the review of your site's shopping experience through Google.  See Google's page for more information. You can also visit their Onboarding page to set up your account.

    To set up Google Customer Reviews, after setting up your account with Google, you should go within your admin console, navigate to Configuration>Settings and filter for Settings that contain the string 'googlecustomerreviews'.

    Important note regarding additional stores: You are allowed one domain per Merchant ID. If you are taking advantage of MoreStores, you can set up a multi-client account through Google and can then wrap your merchant center accounts into that as sub-accounts as described here - Google Multi-client Account. When using MoreStores, do not send the same Merchant ID for more than one store. Instead, vary your Google Customer Reviews Settings Per Store.

    The settings are:

     Setting Name  What you should know
     GoogleCustomerReviewsBadgeEnabled This setting will give you control over if the badge is displayed on every page of your site or not when Google Customer Reviews is enabled.
     GoogleCustomerReviewsBadgePosition This setting will give you some control over where your badge is positioned on your site.
     GoogleCustomerReviewsDeliveryLeadTime This setting allows you to tell Google of your anticipated delivery time. Aim to be as accurate as possible (where delivery is typical days to release, added to the average days in transit.
     GoogleCustomerReviewsEnabled This is the main on/off switch for Google Customer Reviews.
     GoogleCustomerReviewsLanguage This is the setting where you provide the language the badge code and opt-in survey will use. Google has provided a supported language list and shows how the format of that language code should look on the following Integrations page. Scroll down to step 3 in the "Add the opt-in code" section. If this value is left blank, Google will attempt to use the customer's language setting contained in their browser.
     GoogleCustomerReviewsMerchantID Your Merchant Center ID. You can get this value from the Google Merchant Center.
     GoogleCustomerReviewsOptInSurveyPosition This setting will give you some control over where your opt-in survey is positioned on your site's order confirmation page.

    Note: If the badge text is always in English, regardless of language setting, and the star ratings are greyed out, Google says this is expected behavior if you haven't reached the threshold to display your ratings which is 150 or more seller reviews. You may choose at any time to not display the badge by turning the setting GoogleCustomerReviewsBadgeEnabled to false.

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