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    Gift Card Management

    From Configuration Menu, click Manage Gift Cards (to enable the Gift Card functionality, set the Configuration - Settings - GiftCards.Enabled to TRUE).

    On this page, store administrators can monitor the purchases and usage of gift cards on their site. They can also create new gift cards and edit/disable existing ones.

    Use the Filter section to find a gift card by Serial Number or First or Last Name. You can also filter your search by Type of gift card: Physical, Email, or Certificate. See here for more information on the different gift card types.


    Click Usage in the Usage History column in any gift card row to see a list of any purchases made with that gift card. Store administrators can also add/remove funds with the Add Usage fields and button.

    Adding New Gift Cards

    If set up as a product on the front end, customers can purchase gift cards (where they are prompted to enter any necessary information such as a recipient e-mail), which will be automatically generated and listed on this page. E-Mail type Gift Cards are sent to the recipient upon fund CAPTURE, physical and certificate types are manually created and shipped. Store administrators can also manually create new gift cards if desired, with the Create Gift Card button.



    Field Name Description
    Serial Number The serial number the customer must enter during checkout to use this gift card. The software will automatically generate one for each new gift card (upon successful CAPTURE of the purchase), but it can be changed during creation here, or edited later.
    Expiration Date The last date the gift card is valid.
    Purchased by Customer ID This is the customer ID the card is being created for or purchased by.
    Initial Amount The starting balance on the gift card.
    Gift Card Type Set the type of gift card here, which determines how the customer gets the card and serial number. See below for details.
    Email Subject If this is an email gift card, this is the subject line for the email that will be sent.
    Email To If this is an email gift card, this is the recipient's email address.
    Email Body If this is an email gift card, this is the text of the message that will be sent to the recipient listed above.


    Gift Card Types


    Certificate gift cards are printed out by store administrators (usually on some kind of card stock or normal paper) and mailed to the purchaser. This allows them to contain any text and be any design that the store owner wants. Store administrators generate and assign serial numbers to these types of gift cards manually.


    Physical gift cards work like certificate cards in that store admins generate the serial numbers and assign them to the card through this page, and the gift card is mailed to the purchaser. These types are generally used for plastic gift cards like the ones commonly seen in stores, though how the card is physically created does not actually matter.


    Email gift certificates are the only type that is sent to the recipient automatically (once payment is collected). The email is generated by notification.emailgiftcard.xml.config, which can be customized. By default, customers receive a simple text notification of the receipt with a link to the store and the gift card serial number (which is automatically generated).

    Using a Gift Card

    Customers use a gift card by entering the serial number in the box on the shopping cart page:




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